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So, I wasn't planning on doing stamps, but why not? It's much more interesting than DeviantID, which I just deleted.

Before that though, I'd like to make a brief statement about my deviantArt habits. :)

- I fave rarely and I only do so if I really like something.
- I only comment if I have something to say. So yes, that does mean fave-and-runs.
- However, I usually go out of my way to reply to comments, even if it's just a :) in order to acknowledge what you said.
- I watch people exceptionally rarely. I like to keep a balance between watching and not having my view bar get overloaded.
- I don't do the watch-me-and-I'll-watch-you thing. If I watch you, the only possible meaning is that I really like your stuff.
- No need to thank me for faves. Again, if I fave something, that means you earned it.
- And finally, I'm on deviantArt to share, have fun, and occasionally commission stuff. I'm not here for glory. If you like something of mine enough to comment or fave, then that makes me happy. However, I don't measure my self-worth by how many faves, comments, or views I get.

:thumb311391284: Stamps- apple by AmelieRosen :thumb156939795:
Dream of Doll stamp by lmikia Wolfram Stamp by xDark-Lolita-Angelx Shinto stamp by TsukiyoKami
NDP Stamp by acciosnitch Nightwish by o-BlueMoon-o Killua Stamp by SaintSeiya-Sanctuary
Made in the '70s by Mr-Stamp Vaan Stamp 2 by Cloudemyx



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Need an artist? Here are a few!

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 1, 2013, 9:09 PM

The Children of Yggdrasil

Children of Yggdrasil 1 - Rhoskel Fox by Shuichiboy

Name: Rhoskel Fox
Sclupt: Dream of Doll DoI Luke V2
Clothes: Jacket and shirt - Crobi | Pants and boots - Alice's Collections | Key necklace - Dream of Doll | Bead necklace - custom by me and :iconhawthorne-cat:
Wig: Spite and Malice
Face-up: Dream of Doll
Profile: Rhoskel is generally the strong and silent type. He prefers to let Jaze do most of the talking. Intellectually, he's a bit dim, but on balance, he has far more talent in artistic endeavours, such as fashion, dance, and art, than the others. As for life, he is pretty laid back and prefers to calmly take each situation as it comes.


Children of Yggdrasil 2 - Jaze Bond by Shuichiboy

Name: Jaze Bond
Sculpt: Dream of Doll Camine, Boys New Body 1
Clothes: Jacket and shirt - Doll Heart | Pants - Volks Harajuku store | Shoes - Dollmore | Sword necklace - Dream of Doll | Wristbands and fishnet armsleeve - Doll Heart
Wig: Dream of Doll default Camine wig
Face-up: Dream of Doll standard
Profile: Jaze is the smarty-pants of the lot. He likes to read and spends much of his time doing similar, quiet things. He lets Rhoskel pick his clothes because he'd be a terrible dresser otherwise. Sexually, he's a neko through and through and though he pretends to be a prude, he's every bit the slut.


Children of Yggdrasil 3 - Reuli Vayhama by Shuichiboy

Name: Reuli Vayhama
Sculpt: Dollzone Mo
Clothes: Jacket - Dollzone | Pants and shirt - Alice's Collections | Shoes - Dream of Doll
Wig: Adrastea on Den of Angels -…
Face-up: :iconpistachio-ice-cream:
Profile: Reuli is a former street kid who was just discovering that he could make money prostituting himself when Rhoskel and Jaze found him. They took him in and he quickly discovered he has an interest in girl clothes and computers.


Children of Yggdrasil 4: Darkwind by Shuichiboy

Name: Darkwind
Sculpt: Doll Family-A Wind
Clothes: Dollzone
Wig: Spite and Malice
Face-up: :iconpistachio-ice-cream:
Profile: Darkwind is a failed guardian elf. As such, he was only assigned hopeless cases. After having his first success helping Reuli, he decided to stay with him.


Children of Yggdrasil 5: Adell Amaranth by Shuichiboy

Name: Adell Amaranth
Sculpt: Doll-Love Brian
Clothes: Top - Alice's Collections | Pants - Volks Harajuku store | Shoes - Alice's Collections | Necklace - I forgot
Wig: Spite and Malice
Face-up: Doll-Love standard
Profile: Adell loves sci-fi, his toys, and sex. Yes, he really is that simple. :)


Children of Yggdrasil 6 - Inari by Shuichiboy

Name: Inari
Sculpt: Camellia Dynasty Ling (black)
Profile: Always prim and proper, Inari has little tolerance for bullshit. He's also much stronger than he looks.


Children of Yggrdasil 7: Beowulf Geat by Shuichiboy

Name: Beowulf Geat
Sculpt: Dream of Doll DoC Hoo
Clothes: Alice's Collections | Hat - Dolk
Wig: Dream of Doll
Face-up: Dream of Doll goth standard
Profile: Beowulf is a hopelessly naive warrior. He arrived straight out of the 10th century and is having difficulty adapting to modern life. He is often easily tricked by his housemates when he's not off having some sort of banal adventure.


Children of Yggdrasil 9: Zet Arapaesis by Shuichiboy

Name: Zet Arapaesis
Sculpt: Ringdoll Valo
Clothes: Clothes: Ringdoll | Boots: Azone
Wig: Unknown source
Face-up: :iconx-akai-x:
Profile: Zet was captured by the evil Queen Akaipatra, whom he was sent to assassinate, and sent through time where he ended up here. He wishes to resume his job as an assassin, but isn't quite sure how to do that.


Children of Yggdrasil 10: Andy by Shuichiboy

Name: Andy
Sculpt: Dollzone Mo
Clothes: Shirt and pants - Alice's Collections | Shoes - Dream of Doll
Wig: Adrastea on Den of Angels
Face-up: :iconpistachio-ice-cream:
Profile: Andy is Reuli's brother. They share very similar traits and aptitudes. Andy is, however, darker of personality than Reuli, however.


Children of Yggrdasil 11: Killua Zoldyck by Shuichiboy

Name: Killua Zoldyck
Sculpt: Souldoll Hunoi
Clothes: Dollzone | Shoes - Dream of Doll
Wig: Alice's Collections
Face-up: Souldoll standard
Profile: Killua is a retired assassin. He likes playing pranks on everyone except Beowulf, who he has a crush on. His assassin skills allow him to remain entirely unseen by everyone else except Beowulf, to whom he shows himself willingly.


Children of Yggdrasil 12: Inaba by Shuichiboy

Name: Inaba
Sculpt: Camellia Dynasty Bean
Profile: Inaba is very kind, but also very skittish. He has trust issues.


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However, I am not speaking for everyone, but just a small group I know. :)
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